Kotobukiya Technique Impossible Eva-03 – Part 4: Color choices

As shown in the first part, Kotobukiya provides a full-color sheet showing which parts should be painted in what color, and I also mentioned the indicated colors are sometimes wrong. This is especially the case with the weapons, where comparing the suggested colors with those shown in this image from the EvaGeeks Wiki reveals quite a few differences. A further complication is that I want to use Tamiya Color spray cans for painting, as I do not own an airbrush.

In the case of the Eva-03 my color considerations are as follows:

  • All parts will be primed in black, using spray cans of black Mr. Surfacer 1500.
  • The overall color is given as black or midnight blue by the Eva 03 page on the EvaGeeks Wiki. Kotobukiya indicates a 7:3 mix of navy blue and black, which may very well match midnight blue. Tamiya has a spray can for this color, but as I want my Eva-03 to be sufficiently sinister I figure straight black will be better. Since I think painting black on black primer is useless, the Mr. Surfacer primer will be the final layer (it is also appropriately matte).
  • For the white parts I will use white Tamiya primer, except…
  • …for the rubber parts, where I will use Tamiya’s white paint for polycarbonate R/C car bodies applied with a brush (masking the rubber parts is nearly impossible as masking tape doesn’t stick to it), as that is more suited for flexible parts.
  • The power cable connector, knife holder and internal parts in the upper back will be painted with Tamiya TS-67 IJN gray (Sasebo Arsenal), ignoring what Kotobukiya indicates. Details on these parts will be painted as indicated in Kotobukiya’s instructions.
  • The brown parts on the shoulders/lower neck will be painted in Tamiya XF-64 Red brown using a brush.
  • According to the Kotobukiya instructions the spine armor parts has to be painted in the same color as the power cable connector, but the color of the power connector looks much darker than that of the spine armor parts. The latter parts’ color looks almost metallic. There also is a part on the head that has to be painted in the same color as the spine armor parts (shown but not indicated). I’ve decided to paint these in Tamiya TS-58 Pearl light blue.
  • The hands’ main color will be Tamiya TS-82 Rubber black.
  • Some details on the feet and hands have to be painted in a light purple color. Kotobukiya indicates H39 metallic gloss purple, which seems to be too dark. I’ve settled on Tamiya TS-57 blue violet, which also isn’t the correct color, but better than H39. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up well in the picture below.
  • For the gun, I will use Tamiya TS-78 Field gray instead of the H26/H2 mix Kotobukiya indicates, and TS-70 Olive drab (JGSDF) instead of H53. The badge on the stock is done in Tamiya Sky gray.
  • For the knives, the blade is to be painted in Tamiya TS-42 Light gun metal and the handle in field gray (large area) and olive drab.



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