Penguin construction time – Part 1


To go with my Technique Impossible Evas, I am building Kotobukiya’s 1/6 scale PenPen.

Instructions shown below:


As is usual with Kotobukiya resin kits, the coloring instructions are not exactly accurate. PenPen’s claws should be painted white, but footage from the anime shows them to be orange-brown; feet and beak should be orange-yellow, but footage shows them to be orange-brown and dark yellow respectively, etc. The only two colors that are correct are the white and the black. I primed the whole kit in Mr. Surfacer Oxide Red.


Later it turned out there were a lot of tiny air bubbles in the back that shows up really well when the back is painted black, so right now I’m working on eliminating those.

But I figured I’d honour Kotobukiya’s instructions and paint the feet and beak orange as a base color:


This will be followed by thin layers of other colors to obtain the proper effect.


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